research study validates preservation value

NTHP_PGL_OlderSmallerBetter_cover-imageOlder, Smaller, Better: Measuring how the character of buildings and blocks influences urban vitality, a 2014 research report by the Preservation Green Lab, validates Jane Jacobs’ long-respected hypothesis — that neighbourhoods containing a mix of older, smaller buildings of different vintages support greater levels of positive economic and social activity than areas dominated by newer, larger buildings.

The findings include:
• Older, mixed-use neighbourhoods are more walk-able
• Young people love old buildings
• Night-life is most alive on streets with a diverse range of building ages
• Older business districts provide affordable, flexible space for entrepreneurs from all backgrounds
• The creative economy thrives in older, mixed-use neighbourhoods
• Older, smaller buildings provide space for strong local economy
• Older commercial and mixed-use districts contain hidden density

To learn more about the research study view an Executive Summary, or read the entire Report.