2978 Dundas Street West revised plans

The developer of 2978-2988 Dundas Street West is hosting an Open House meeting on Wednesday, June 20th at 19:00 in the West Toronto Baptist Church.

Please plan to attend this informal presentation about the four properties at the northwest corner of Pacific Avenue.  These revised plans were        published on the city’s development application webpage as received in January 2018.

To review the application files, please visit: http://app.toronto.ca/DevelopmentApplications/associatedApplicationsList.do?action=init&folderRsn=3928495&isCofASearch=false&searchable=false

The applicant will also be at the Etobicoke York Community Council (EYCC) meeting on      Wednesday, July 4th with a request for demolition and approval of this proposal.

The Open House and EYCC meeting are the last opportunities for the community to share their feedback and concerns about a redevelopment that will forever change the unique and historic streetscape of The Junction.

Please take a moment and write to Councillor Doucette at: councillor_doucette@toronto.ca      and Sarah Henstock, manager of community planning for Etobicoke York at:                  sarah.henstock@toronto.ca