the Board of Directors

The role of The Junction HCD Board is to:

  • be Ambassadors for heritage conservation in the Junction
  • provide regular progress updates to the designated HPS contact until the designation is complete
  • create a climate of consensus
  • be a focal point for and represent the community; liaison for development projects
  • collaborate with community groups and HPS
  • manage the Study and local volunteer activities
  • facilitate and implement the Plan
  • be Stewards of the Junction’s HCD Plan


Our board members are:

Tina Leslie, President
Corrine Flitton, Vice-President
Ken Sharratt, Secretary
Catherine Illingworth, Treasurer
Jim Baxter, Director-at-Large

Advisory Committee:
Martin Lennox
Madeleine McDowell
Neil Ross
Christopher Sears
Court Sin
Viola Varga
David Wencer