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Nominating a potential area is the first formal step to seeking an HCD designation for a neighbourhood.

What happens after the Nomination Application is submitted?

It will be reviewed by Heritage Preservation Services.  There will be a preliminary neighbourhood visit and community consultation.  Based on the review, neighbourhood visit and community consultation, Heritage Preservation Services prepares a report for Council (with a recommendation to authorise a Study; although every nomination may not result in an authorisation to study).  Council approves a Study.

When will Heritage Preservation Services make a decision?

We expected a decision in August 2014, but recently learned that due to the municipal election a decision won’t be possible until December or January 2015, when the new Council returns to approve the recommended areas to be studied.

When will the Junction be recognised as an HCD?

The Junction HCD is established when it is approved by the City of Toronto Council.  Submitting a nomination application is an initial step of a comprehensive process that may take several years to complete.

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