the District Plan

What is the District Plan?

It describes the character and heritage attributes of the properties within the district.  The overall objective of the Plan is to provide policies and guidelines that will assist in the protection and enhancement of the cultural heritage values of the district.

Once the district plan is adopted, its policies and objectives will take precedence in the event of a conflict with existing municipal zoning and other by-laws that were in place before the designation of the district.

Why do we need a District Plan?

The District Plan provides transparent guidance for all property owners and developers.  The design guidelines apply equally to all.

Having a Plan creates stability and predictability.  The community is able to manage and balance change with conservation.

A clear statement about the Junction’s identity will help to promote an understanding of the values and attributes and will assist decision-makers in ensuring that future changes and interventions contribute to, rather than detract from, the character of the Junction.

What is the purpose of the HCD Plan?

“The primary objective for every Heritage Conservation District is the protection, conservation and management of the attributes and heritage resources of the district so that the area’s historic significance, cultural heritage values and character, as identified in the HCD Study and Plan, are protected in the long-term.” – HCD Policy #8

How is the District Plan created?

The Study will identify and address the required content for the Plan to ensure that the primary objective is achieved.  After the Study and recommendations are complete, a community meeting will be held to inform the community about the Study and to get feedback on the direction for the HCD Plan.

Who manages the District Plan?

The District Plan is managed by the Junction HCD Committee.

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