the Study

Why do we need a Study?

A Study is important, because we can’t protect what we can’t define.

It also provides the rationale for the District Plan including design guidelines.  Design guidelines provide transparent information for all developers and property owners within the HCD.

Who will do the Study?

The Study is conducted and led by a Preservation Architect with help from the Junction HCD Committee and a team of local volunteers.  We welcome the participation of volunteers and property owners in the comprehensive research process!

What happens during the Study?

An inventory of each property within the boundary of the heritage area occurs during the Study.  The built form and characteristic features for each property are described in its current “as is” condition.

The inventory of properties is completed in phases of “contiguous” properties.  The various segments of adjacent properties are determined during the evaluation of the nomination application by Heritage Preservation Services.

When will the Study begin?

The Study begins when Council approves the recommendation from Heritage Preservation Services.

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